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DuChanvre is a Quebec based company that works in construction and design. We are specialists in hempcrete insulation and lime plaster finishes.


For 10 years, our practice has been based on values of integrity, quality and respect for the environment without compromise. Our vision goes beyond construction and we want to be more engaged, solid and more visible than ever.

Performance, beauty and sustainability

DuChanvre offers the services, tools and materials to build with hemp and lime. Our mission is to reinvent the industry of construction with more modern and responsible alternatives.


A bio-sourced material that captures more greenhouse gases than it takes to produce, process, transport, place, undo and recycle. Its fire resistance makes it a long-term solution for carbon storage.


To learn more about Hempcrete and lime plasters construction, find out DuChanvre’s Workshop Guide.


DuChanvre offers lectures and workshops on the use of hempcrete in construction, on lime plasters, as well as on the potential of hemp, a plant that alone can lead a revolution.