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Materials used since Antiquity.
Materials of the future.

For more than a decade, DuChanvre has been a supplier of building materials for hempcrete and lime plasters.

There is a radical change in the construction industry in which we are participating by replacing a multitude of fossil fuel based products by natural materials. The most basic elements that make our immediate environment are our basic ingredients.

Our practice integrates our philosophy of no waste, no pollution. All our hemp and lime products will be able to return to the environment safely. We assemble the raw material to make a technically efficient product and a work that reflects the purity of its ingredients.

Here are our basic ingredients.


Our #1 resource. The biomass that we use for hempcrete. The interior of the hemp stalk, the hurd, shines with its capacity of reflection of heat and light. Decorticated, free of fiber and dust, it is composed of a crystalline structure rich of silica. A plant body very close to the mineral, which is perfect for the building. We instantly notice its presence, it is a material that envelops.

+ Very light, very insulating
+ Resistant to compression
+ Abundant and affordable resource


Lime is a binder used for millennia whose mastery dates back to Antiquity. It is a versatile material that finds uses even beyond construction. Lime sanitizes, stabilizes and prevents the deterioration of materials. It is a natural glue that comes from the cooking of limestone. It is used as much in the preparation of mortars as for the creation of decorative effects.

+ Antiseptic and antifungal
+ Permeable
+ Abundant and affordable resource


Sands, quartz, marble powders and stone powders are the basis of lime plasters and natural mortars. Sand is a key ingredient for construction; it is a mass that stabilizes the temperature.

+ Very heavy, strong thermal inertia
+ Stable and inert
+ Abundant and affordable resource


Undeniably the most used material in the history of humanity. The most ecological of all. It is a binder present almost everywhere, used as it is, without transformation.

+ Ionizing
+ Sanitizing
+ Abundant and affordable resource

To accompany you in the use of these materials, we invite you to discover our Workshop Guide. Where you will find hemp and lime applications in construction, technical drawings, technical datas, preparation for hempcrete and lime plaster works, techniques for implementation and recipes.