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DuChanvre and the expertise of the materials of the future

DuChanvre is a pioneer in the use of hemp and lime in building in North America. Since 2009, we have been working in the construction of high-performance, beautiful and sustainable buildings.


The material that has a real negative carbon balance, an insulation system that has become a long-term solution for carbon sequestration.

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Lime plasters

They are made of the most noble materials, are prepared by hand and are made by professionals. They are absolutely beautiful in their simplicity: sand and lime.

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Natural materials

DuChanvre assembles the raw material to make a technically efficient product. These materials have been used since the dawn of time and are definitely materials of the future.

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Additional services

New construction

Having a construction project is an opportunity to elevate one’s quality of life by choosing materials with care. With hemp and lime, it is possible to improve our indoor space and our outdoor environment.

The entire outer shell of the building can be insulated with hempcrete. Hempcrete and lime plasters form the integral envelope of the building. It is a complete system of insulation and finishing.


We can update an existing structure and make it more beautiful and more efficient. Hempcrete and lime plasters are suitable for both patrimonial buildings and less older buildings. We can respect the architectural heritage and improve it and give value to the buildings that need it.

Accompanying services and collaborative approach

From the development of plans to the execution of the works, DuChanvre ensures a construction of first quality. All construction in hemp and lime is definitive and is done in the rules of the art, always with a spirit of collaboration and openness. With architects, contractors and construction professionals, all projects integrating hempcrete and lime plasters are carried out with perfectionism.