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Lime plasters – Interior and exterior

They are made of the most noble materials, are prepared by hand and are made by professionals. They are absolutely beautiful in their simplicity: sand and lime.

The benefits of lime plasters

Lime Plasters Elevate Design to Another Level

The mineral finish brings authenticity and life into a classic or contemporary minimalist ambience. In an infinite possibility of textures and colors, they have crossed centuries and continents to enrich themselves with the know-how of artisans of all cultures.

Lime Plasters are Performant

They are durable by their resistance to fire and humidity. Lime plasters add a good thermal reflection factor. They are airtight but allow the walls to breathe. The sand they contain adds mass to the building, which stabilizes the temperature.

Lime Plasters are Comfortable

They are soft to touch and bring a smooth and comfortable environment. Lime plasters have depth and subtle nuances that bring lightness. They are hygienic, antistatic, dust-free and have low thermal conductivity, which contributes to greater comfort. They absorb sound better than painted gypsum board.

+ New Construction

+ Renovation: interior / exterior

We use then almost everywhere as wall finishes.

Our collection of lime plasters MINERALIST

DuChanvre develops its own range of lime plasters. They contain no synthetic binder or chemical product. They are distinguished by their purely mineral composition. Authentic and true to tradition, our recipes are improved, modernized versions.

MINERALIST is a collection of high end lime plasters.
The classification by type, texture and color is a guide for the selection of the finish.


Classic Lime Plaster

The classic types are matte to very matte and are very slightly nuanced. Slight wavy surface, little porosity, visible sand and imperfections are characteristics of these plasters. Uniform as a whole, we like to say that the result is perfectly imperfect.

The stone texture is smooth and soft to the touch, similar to stone polished by water.
The splitstone texture is a more textured version to create a rock perception.
The sandstone texture is reminiscent of sandy and chalky surface, like a sandblast finish.

Venetian Stucco and Marmorino

These plasters range from glossy to very glossy. Venetian stucco is a finish of Italian tradition, elaborated by the stucco masters of Antiquity. These plasters have the appearance and depth of polished marble, they create incomparable effects of transparency. The finesse of a venetian stucco is obvious. The surface is perfectly smooth. The colorations range from moderately to very nuanced.


This plaster is lustrous and very slightly nuanced. It looks like a micro terrazzo. Tadelakt is the most elaborate lime plaster. It is a plaster of Moroccan origin that has more than 2000 years of history. The tadelakt is waterproof, it can be used as a finish for showers, bathrooms, kitchens or as a decorative plaster. The tadelakt brings nobility and splendor.

Plaster Paint

This type of plaster range from satin to gloss. It is a finish between the lime plaster and the lime paint for a fast execution effectively reproducing the Mediterranean decorative finishes. This slick finish does not contain sands other than stone powders for smooth and easy practicability.

Lime Paints and Silicate Paints

These are paints with a matte finish. These paints range from almost transparent to slightly textured. They are used as a veil or as an opaque coating on masonry supports or gypsum board to replace conventional paints in a sustainable way. Well used, they have much better results than synthetic bases; better durability, better adhesion. The purely mineral paints allow the walls to breathe. They are also used for the maintenance and preservation of brick, stone, concrete or lime plaster walls.