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Hempcrete Insulation

The material that has a real negative carbon balance, an insulation system that has become a long-term solution for carbon sequestration.

The benefits of hempcrete


Its resistance to fire, compression, vermin and humidity makes it the most durable insulation of all. The hempcrete wall is airtight, has good thermal resistance, good thermal reflection, good thermal inertia and controls humidity. Hempcrete buildings have superior energy performance.


Shapes, angles, curves, colors and textures have more depth when working with these noble materials. Classical currents and new design trends are based on the innovations of craftsmanship. Beauty is at the center of our practice.


Entirely composed of natural elements, this material is earth friendly, worker friendly and dweller friendly. Hempcrete is a carbon negative bio-composite material. Because it resists fire and humidity, it is a truthful long-term solution for carbon sequestration. Reducing the environmental footprint of construction, protecting the health of workers and dwellers are  priorities.


A regulating wall, that is the secret of comfort. Hempcrete stores and redistributes thermal energy and humidity to create perfect comfort in any season. It creates a calm and soothing environment, as it is an excellent sound-absorbing material.

Insulation solutions

The hempcrete block

The block is the prefabricated version of hempcrete. The block system is very accessible because it only requires the basics of masonry and a minimum of equipment. This is the pre-cast and pre-dried form of hempcrete, layered like a brick wall. It is the simple and effective solution for building partitions or isolating slabs and walls. A non-load bearing wall can be built entirely of hempcrete blocks or an existing wall can be doubled with a row. A large lightweight block of standardized dimensions is layered with a pleasant ease. A drying time of only one week separates the installation of the blocks from the finishes. Available in 3 different thicknesses.

Cast in place hempcrete

This version is prepared and cast on site. The frame, whatever the type, is wrapped in hempcrete, forming one piece. This is the most elegant construction method, a wall without weaknesses. The building is molded on site, according to the forms and architectural design (straight angles, contemporary lines, arches, vaults, curves). A drying time of a minimum of two months separates the installation of the cast hempcrete and lime plasters.


Hemplaster is the most versatile and spectacular insulation material. It is an insulating, sound-absorbing and decorative plaster. It is an ideal material for the restoration of old buildings. Ideal for insulating all types of ancestral homes. It can be used for insulation and finish at the same time. The hemplaster hardens slowly taking the form and texture that the craftsman gives him. Once dry, it is solid and sounds hollow. It is applied on stone walls, brick, cement or wooden lath.

Light hempcrete

Light hempcrete is a bulk insulation. It is a natural and durable alternative to any type of infill insulation; roof insulation and loose insulation.