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DuChanvre offers lectures and workshops on the use of hempcrete in construction, on lime plasters and on the potential of hemp. It is a plant that alone can guide a revolution.

Reducing the environmental footprint of construction, protecting the health of workers and dwellers is a priority. Presented in a simple, elegant, precise and organized way, the revolutionary potential of hemp becomes obvious. Hemp construction and lime plasters are industries of the future. Our experience is interesting and our message attracts attention.

Anthony Néron, founder of DuChanvre

A pioneer in the industry with 15 years of practice, Anthony presents lectures and participates in events on hemp and the use of sustainable materials in construction. In connection with industrials, architects, designers, activists, artists and craftsmen of hemp and lime worldwide, he is at the forefront of innovations in the field.


He shares his professional experiences with passion in order to spread a know-how rich in history and importance.