Discover DuChanvre’s
Workshop Guide

All you need to know about hemp and lime applications in construction.


We hope that the Workshop Guide inspires you and accompanies you in your projects.

Text: Anthony Néron / Photography: Emilie Bergeron

Supple cover / Size: 8.5 x 11 (in) / 134 pages

This manual compiles information on hempcrete and lime plasters in the following sections:

  • Applications of hemp and lime

  • The materials

  • The realization

  • Hempcrete

  • Technical drawings

  • Lime plasters

  • The recipes and their implementation

A 134 pages document wonderfully illustrated. Where you will find hemp and lime applications in construction, technical drawings, technical datas, preparation for hempcrete and lime plaster works, techniques for implementation and recipes.rnrnEvery detail makes the difference in a construction project, every step is important for the whole. That is why this guide serves to inform, inspire and go into the details of hemp and lime.rn